Introduction to the characteristics of breakfast grain making machinery

At present, corn flakes, millet flakes, black rice flakes, buckwheat flakes, jujube flakes, oatmeal, whole wheat flakes are common breakfast cereal on the market. They are rich in dietary fiber, more easily absorbed by the body, easy to eat. They can be eaten after adding milk or boiling for a moment. They are natural in quality and do not contain artificial additives, so they are loved by many people.

At present, most breakfast cereals are produced by the international advanced double screw extrusion technology. Our breakfast cereal production machinery is also called breakfast corn flake production line and breakfast cereal production equipment. The equipment takes corn, wheat, oats and other grains as raw materials, realizes cooking, ripening and granulation through twin-screw extruder, and then through the process of tablet pressing, baking and spraying, it can be made into original, sweet and salty brittle instant breakfast cereal food. Compared with the traditional method, the yield, quality and adaptability of raw materials are further improved, which makes it possible to strengthen trace elements such as vitamins and minerals.

The design of breakfast grain making machinery is reasonable, with high automation, which can realize the whole process control, improve efficiency, reduce cost, improve market competitiveness, and earn more profits for food manufacturers. Breakfast grain production machinery adopts high-performance pressing roller and advanced technology, non stick material, stable output, uniform product thickness, reasonable configuration, high degree of automation, convenient operation, simple maintenance, suitable for small and medium-sized food processing enterprises and large-scale food processing enterprises, reasonable configuration according to different needs of customers.

Twin screw extruder

There are many advantages of breakfast grain making machinery:

1.The advanced frequency converter speed control technology is adopted to make the equipment run more smoothly, save electricity, reduce noise, improve working environment, improve automation level, operate conveniently, require fewer operators for production line and save labor cost.

2.The screw is made of alloy material by special process, which is solid and durable. The motor and distribution box are directly connected to reduce energy loss. The forced lubrication system extends the service life of the equipment and reduces the mechanical energy consumption.

3.Using the building block structure, the equipment can be combined according to different needs, changing the mold and production process can produce different breakfast cereal food.

4.Visual automatic temperature control system, to make the temperature control more intuitive, more accurate parameters.

5.The screw has the function of self-cleaning. When the formula and product type are changed, it is not necessary to stop the machine to dismantle the screw for cleaning, which is convenient and fast, and improves the working efficiency.

6.Linear bearing knife adjustment, safe, accurate, fast, less waste, high resource utilization, reduce production costs.

7.Fully insulated box, efficient use of thermal circulation air, greatly reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs.

8.The production conditions are simple, only the basic conditions of water and electricity are needed, there is no waste water, waste gas, dust discharge in the production process, green and environmental protection.

I believe that breakfast cereal making machinery can bring you greater profits and better market prospects. If you are going to buy a food expansion equipment, it will be a good choice.