Why is the production line of sandwiched rice snack so popular in the food processing industry?

Sandwiched rice fruit, also called cereal bar, is a kind of fragile food, with a smooth taste, a strong taste of cereal, convenient and fast, rich nutrition, which is deeply loved by people. Sandwiched rice snack is usually made of cornflour, rice flour, flour, bean flour, etc., and then processed by expanding machine.

The production line of sandwiched rice snacks uses corn with high expansion degrees such as powdery corn and rice as the basic raw materials. The double screw extruder is used for instant expansion through strong extrusion. At the same time, chocolate, jam, and other core materials are added to the snack to produce different extruded food shapes. Thus, after drying, the surface is sprayed with seasoning accessories to enhance the taste, and finally, a complete set of automatic food expansion process production line is packaged.

The production line of sandwiched rice fruit has the characteristics of many optional models, flexible equipment configuration, a wide range of raw materials, and simple operation. There are many kinds of products. By changing different molds and changing the production process, we can produce all kinds of puffed food popular in the market. Such as guoba, Chicken McNuggets, cored rice cake, corn chips, potato chips, pet food, etc., which are suitable for all kinds of food manufacturers.

Production line of sandwiched rice snack

The advantages of the production line of the sandwiched rice snack are obvious:

1. Feeding, rotary cutting, and main drive all adopt frequency control system, which has strong power, stable operation, and energy-saving;

2. The screw sleeve and screw are made of special wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant alloy steel and heat-treated, which have the advantages of wear-resistant and long service life.

3. It has automatic lubrication system to reduce mechanical energy consumption and prolong service life;

4. The feeding system adopts double helix forced feeding, feeding evenly and widely;

5. Adjust the cutting tool accurately and quickly, with high forming rate, less waste, and high production efficiency;

6. The double helix has the self-cleaning function. When changing the formula and product variety, there is no need to stop for cleaning, and the operation is more reasonable and convenient;

7. A visual automatic temperature control system, more intuitive temperature control, more accurate parameters;

8. Suitable for a wide range of raw materials, through the transformation of mold and change of production process can produce a variety of popular expanded food in the market, for manufacturers to obtain greater profits;

9. High-temperature extrusion and expansion of twin-screw, effective sterilization, the real realization of safety and health;

10. Automatic cutting, automatic transmission, automatic continuous drying, a high degree of automation, efficient and reliable, simple operation, save manpower, can reduce labor costs;

11. The equipment covers a small area, strong adaptability, production process without noise, dust, and other serious pollution, safety, and environmental protection.


Abundant materials can be produced

The production line has less investment and quick return. It can produce a variety of puffed leisure food, which can better develop the food sales market for manufacturers and earn more profits. It is believed that this production line will be a good choice for many people who first set foot in or engaged in food processing for a long time.