What are the characteristics of the puffing feed produced by the Feed Extruder?

Puffing feed, also known as mature feed, is a new type of feed made of extruder by puffing process. After puffed, the raw material forms the state of “popcorn”, which not only changes the physical state such as appearance, but also changes the molecular structure of organic matter inside, making starch easier to digest and protein easier to use. The puffed feed has various shapes and is suitable for aquatic animals, young animals and ornamental animals.

The production of feed extruder is actually an instantaneous process of high temperature: the mixture is in a high temperature, high pressure and high shear force, high moisture environment, through continuous mixing, conditioning, heating and pressurization, curing, extrusion die hole and sudden lowering of pressure to form the fluffy and porous feed.

Feed extruding machine

There are many advantages of puffed feed:

1.After the raw material is expanded by the feed extruder, it has small particles, crisp taste and burnt fragrance, good palatability, high gelatinization degree, and good food attractiveness.

2.The combination of protein and starch matrix is not easy to lose during feeding. Only when the enzyme digests the starch in the animal can the protein be released, which improves the potency of the protein. The long chain structure of some organic compounds, such as protein and fat, becomes short chain structure, which makes it easier for animals to digest and absorb.

3.Under the action of high temperature, high pressure and expansion, the content of mold, bacteria and fungi in the raw materials were killed, thus the hygienic quality of the feed was improved, and the occurrence of diarrhea, gastroenteritis and diarrhea in animals was effectively reduced.

4.After high-temperature and high-pressure expansion and drying treatment, the moisture content of the finished product is generally less than 10%. The packaging is generally sealed by the inner and outer bags separately. Under the same conditions, compared with the traditional pellet feed, the storage period is longer and easier.

5.Under certain water and temperature, the anti nutritional factors gradually lose part of their activity in the process of puffing, thus reducing the damage to the endogenous digestive enzymes of the animal body, improving the digestion and absorption rate of feed, and reducing the excretion.

6.It can improve the gelatinization degree of starch and produce modified starch, which has strong water absorption and adhesion ability. The amount of starch added in the puffing production process can be greatly reduced, which provides more room for the selection of other raw materials. In the formula, more cheap raw materials can be selected to replace those expensive raw materials, which can greatly reduce the cost, but will not affect the quality of the product.

7.The water stability of puffed feed is strong, it does not break up in 16-32 hours, and it has little pollution to water quality.

8.The template of feed extruder can be made into different shapes of die holes, so it can press out different shapes, attract the eyes of animals, and get the love of animals.

With the continuous expansion of the market for pets and livestock, the demand for animal feed is also increasing. It can be seen from the above characteristics that the expanded feed is a better choice for animal feeding, and the feed extruder belonging to the expanded machinery is the best choice for feed manufacturers!