Puffed Snack Food Equipment

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Puffed snack food equipment is an ideal investment project. Now the Leader Microwave Equipment Company has self – expanding snack food equipment for sale. Automatic puffed snack production line with high automation, high efficiency, and easy to operate and welcomed by investors. Besides, we can customize the puffed snack manufacturing business plan to meet your requirements. Welcome to contact us!

Puffed snack food equipment

Puffed snack food equipment

  Advantages of pet food extruding machine:

1. Supermatic

With time, the Leader has been committed to producing puffed snack food equipment for many years. Through continuous improvement, we make the whole production line more automatic.

The raw materials are converted into puffed snacks by machine. Puffing snack extruder has a strong self – cleaning ability. Two screw sleeves interweave together, and the contact part forms a continuous spatial curve with a uniform gap. With the synchronous rotation of the two, the space curve moves, forming a self-made effect between the screw. At the same time, pushing each other will be the other thread surface of the sticky material clean down to ensure that the material does not remain.

2. Easy to operate, low labor intensity

In the automatic production line of puffed food, the machine can do all the work. In addition, we continue to improve security. Therefore, it is safe and easy for workers with clear instructions to operate each unit.

3. The system is tuned independently for optimal performance.

Each puffed snack food equipment system can be provided separately according to customer requirements and local conditions, ensuring the highest matching degree, bringing the highest output, and the best product quality.

4. Puffed snack food equipment can operate in different specifications without loss of performance.

Our designers will properly manage each system to maintain our puffed snack food equipment’s quality and productivity. With the rapid development of technology, puffed snack food equipment has been widely used to reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency.

We provide various kinds of puffed snack food equipment at a reasonable price. With the wide popularity of puffed snack foods, the puffed snack production industry is booming. The expanded food production line has the advantages of high productivity, low cost, and simple operation. As a result, it will soon attract a lot of interest from investors, and the return on investment is excellent.

5.Environmental protection design

The puffed snack food equipment is also supported by the government and the public because it does not pollute the environment during the whole manufacturing process. As a professional supplier of the stretch snack machine, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has developed its highly sophisticated technology. First of all, we will improve operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption. On the other hand, we focus on developing a series of puffed snack food equipment. We also try our best to provide our customers with the most cost-effective solutions based on quality products.

Puffed snack food equipment

  Working principle of puffing snack food equipment:

We place materials in extruders that are suddenly released to normal temperatures and pressures to change their internal structure and properties. These materials are usually made from grain. For example, rice, corn, wheat, beans, sorghum, etc. are the main body, with a mixture of water, fats, proteins, trace elements, and other ingredients.

The extrusion processing method is to extrude the material forward with the propelling force of the extruder screw. The material is subjected to mixing, stirring, friction, and high shear effect, which causes the starch grains to disassemble and the cavity temperature and pressure, to rise at the same time. (temperature up to 150-200°C, pressure up to more than 10Kg/cm2). Then it is extruded by a certain shape of die hole instantly, with high temperature and high pressure suddenly falling to low temperature and low pressure, in which free moisture is rapidly gasified under this pressure. The volume of water can expand by about 2,000 times, and the structure of the grain changes instantly. It converts raw starch into cooked starch, and at the same time, turns into a lamellar loose spongy body. The volume of grain expands several times to dozens of times.

We often use puffed snack food equipment to broadly refer to the entire puffed snack production line. Puffed snack food processing machine usually consists of a feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, control system. The following are the popular models and parameters of Leader puffed snack food equipment.

type DL-20 DL-60 DL-90 DL-160 DL-300
Main motor power(kW) 20 60 90 160 300
MTS 35 50 65 75 96
screw diameter(mm) 36 51 62 71 94
Output axial force distance(nm) 140 430 710 1270 2500
Maximum screw rotation(rpm) 600 600 600 600 600
yield(kg/h) 30-70 90-220 150-360 260-650 500-1300

Leader puffed snack food equipment has been exported and installed in many countries around the world, such as the Philippines, South Africa, Dominica, India, Algeria, Mali, Indonesia, and so on. Based on what we do is not only the creed of the product, the Leader is always highly praised.

Puffed snack food equipment

If you are considering expanding the snack manufacturing business, welcome to contact the Leader! We will provide you with the best products and a full range of services!

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