LD1857 Small Automatic Forming Frying Machine

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF LD1857 small automatic forming frying machine includes a heating mechanism composed of a controller, an electric heater, an oil groove, and a forming mechanism consisting of an electric motor, a bracket, a storage device, and a forming tool. It is designed according to the same fried characteristics of the … Read moreLD1857 Small Automatic Forming Frying Machine

French Fries Equipment

Introduce Success Case Model PDF Download PDF French fry machine is used to make French fries, crisps, shrimp sticks, and other Fried and puffed snacks. Potato chips and chips are now common snacks. Children and teenagers like it very much, playing an important role in the food industry, so the French fry machine is very … Read moreFrench Fries Equipment

Puffed Snack Food Equipment

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Puffed snack food equipment is an ideal investment project. Now the Leader Microwave Equipment Company has self – expanding snack food equipment for sale. Automatic puffed snack production line with high automation, high efficiency, and easy to operate and welcomed by investors. Besides, we can customize the puffed snack manufacturing … Read morePuffed Snack Food Equipment