Leisure food manufacturing machine is worth buying!

Currently, puffed food plays an important role in snacks. Puffed food is grain, potatoes, or beans as the main raw material, using the puffing process to make. Puffed food volume, with a certain degree of expansion, is a crispy and delicious, different style of snacks, such as common snow rice cakes, potato chips, shrimp chips, shrimp chips, popcorn, layer cake and so on.

Puffed food has become a favorite food for consumers with its characteristics of fresh and crisp taste, easy to carry and eat, wide application of raw materials, and varied taste. Its sales potential is huge.

There are many kinds of puffed food

Leisure food manufacturing machine can also be called snack production machine, belongs to the extruding machine, can produce different shapes, tastes different puffed food. Its features are as follows:

1. With novel design, the machine integrates compression, mixing, mixing, shearing, melting, sterilization, swelling, molding, and other functions, which can be completed quickly. Compact structure, frequency control system, high production efficiency, strong power, energy saving.

2. The screw sleeve and screw are made of special wear-resistant and heat-resistant alloy steel and made by heat treatment. The service life is long. The automatic lubrication system can reduce mechanical energy consumption, extend the service life, and be durable.

3. Easy to use, easy to operate, low failure rate, general failure can be self-repair. Besides, the manufacturer provides maintenance services and cheap and high-quality spare parts to reduce worries.

4. Production conditions are simple, only water and electricity are needed. During the production process, the transmission is smooth, the noise is low, no waste water, no exhaust gas, no dust, and other pollution elimination, in line with environmental requirements.

5. The double helix has a self-cleaning function, no need to stop cleaning when changing formula and product varieties, it is more reasonable and convenient to use.

6. Double screw high-temperature extrusion molding, effective sterilization, really achieve food safety and health.

7. Accurate and quick tool adjustment, high molding rate, less waste, high production efficiency, can help food-processing enterprises to obtain greater profits.

8. A visual automatic temperature control system, more intuitive temperature control, more accurate parameters.

9. A small floor area can reduce site costs. Automatic cutting, automatic transmission, automatic continuous drying, a high degree of automation, and efficient and reliable, simple operation, can save manpower and reduce labor costs.

10. Suitable for a wide range of raw materials, such as rice, corn, starch, wheat, potato, etc., can produce a variety of popular puffing food market by changing the mold and changing the production process, occupy a larger market share, to obtain more revenue.

Leisure food manufacturing machine

Leisure food manufacturing machine has the characteristics of less investment, quick income, energy-saving, and environmental protection, simple and easy to operate. It can produce a wide variety of puffed food, broad market prospects, worthy of food processing enterprises choose and buy!