Food Extrusion Machinery with great investment value

Food extruding machine is a kind of professional equipment that uses flour, coarse grain powder, potato powder, and various starches as raw materials to produce food through extruding, maturing, shaping, drying, and expanding. By changing different molds, food extrusion machinery can produce shell, screw, square tube, round tube, lotus root slice, thorn screw, and other products with novel patterns and unique shapes.

All kinds of extruded food

Extrusion and curing equipment is divided into twin-screw food extruder and single screw food extruder, which is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, and cooling system. Reasonable design, strong stability, a high degree of automation, advanced frequency control technology, high efficiency, and energy-saving are also significant advantages of food extrusion machinery.

Food extrusion machinery is widely used in food deep processing. It can produce cereal substitute food, snack, drawing protein, flour products, extruded aquatic feed (floating material, slow settling material, fast settling material), and various pet food. In industry, the extrusion curing machine can also produce some biodegradable industrial products, pre-gelatinized starch, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

Advantages of food extruder

  1. The product is various in shape, crispy, sweet and crisp, nutritious, healthy, and easy to digest, suitable for all ages.
  2. The equipment is easy to operate, maintain, and clean.
  3. The contact parts with the materials are made of 304 stainless steel, to ensure that the materials do not deteriorate or change color, and meet the requirements of the national health department.
  4. The user can select the sieve cylinder aperture according to the needs. The automatic food extrusion mechanical forming device can automatically discharge the material, which reduces the particle breakage caused by manual discharge, and improves the production hygiene level at the same time.
  5. The automatic switch of the equipment realizes continuous work, stable transmission, and adopts frequency conversion step-less speed regulation, which is suitable for various production needs.
  6. The labor intensity of workers is low, and the products are cleaner.
  7. Continuous long-distance transportation greatly improves the working efficiency.

Working principle: 

The food extrusion machinery makes the grinding knife and the pressing blade rotate in the opposite direction through the mechanical transmission. The pressing blade forms a certain angle to press the material into the grinding knife, the large-angle spiral leaf on the grinding knife pushes the material to the screen cylinder wall. Then through the blade, the material is extruded from the screen hole to form particles.

Extrusion equipment

Extrusion processing
Extrusion cooking relates to the mechanical energy provided by the shearing and stirring action of the extruder screw. In this process, the raw material changes from free-flowing powder to dense powder. As the temperature and pressure at the end of the extruder increases, the powder “melts” into a fluid state. It is also at this stage that the temperature of the water contained in the melting process suddenly rises and becomes a liquid state.

Compared with traditional frying and expanding technology, extruding and expanding technology meets consumer requirements for food hygiene and health. With the improvement of living standard, people no longer pursue delicious food but pay more attention to the health of food. With the prevalence of weight loss, less oil food is more popular, so the market prospect of nonfried food is broader, and investment in the extrusion food machine is a wise choice.

Instructions for the use of multifunctional food extruding machine

1. The feeding shall be continuous and even, and the material shall be dry. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the spiral groove to be blocked.

2. When the spiral groove is blocked, do not stop the machine immediately. When there is a burning smell, stop the machine to avoid the nozzle and spiral shaft sleeve from seizing.

3. After stopping feeding at the end of the operation, the machine idles for 1 minute, exhausts the materials in the machine, and then stops. Remove the nozzle and spiral sleeve while it is hot, punch out the spiral shaft, remove the residue in the machine, and dredge the reuse’s spray hole.

4. Attention: wear gloves when disassembling to prevent scalding.