Case of Indonesian customers visiting snack Food Extruder

Snacks are indispensable food in our daily life. It’s special happiness to eat snacks while watching TV when we have nothing to do. The expansion of the snack market means that manufacturers need to continuously increase their output. Which manufacturer can produce more high-quality snacks, which manufacturer will grasp the opportunity?

Recently, we have received customers from Indonesia. They are a large-scale snack food manufacturer with a very wide range of local customers. The snacks they produce are always in short supply. In order to expand their production, they compared several snack food extrusion mechanism manufacturers on the Internet and finally chose us. We also warmly received them and showed them Shows the advantages of our snack food extruder.

Indonesian clients visit

What are the advantages of a snack extruder?

  1. High production efficiency

Snack food extrusion machinery adopts mechanized production mode, which can realize automatic production and save materials simultaneously. It can produce the most food with the least materials in the shortest time. The production efficiency is very high, which can help manufacturers better meet market demand.

  1. Clean and sanitary

The traditional equipment sanitation is not up to the standard. The snack food extrusion machine is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, which will not cause any harm to the food, no matter the internal or external appearance of the equipment is very clean. In the production process, it will not produce anything polluting the environment, which is very clean and sanitary.

  1. Simple operation

Snack food extrusion equipment is very simple to use, ordinary workers can also operate, and easy to learn. Manufacturers can save a lot of labor costs to obtain greater profits.

  1. Automatic control system

Different from the traditional equipment, the food extrusion equipment adopts the automatic control system. The staff only need to set the program to realize automatic production, which is very convenient to use.

  1. High food quality

The food produced by the food extrusion machine has a rich taste, complete nutrition, and high quality, well-received in the market.

Snack food extruder

Our snack food extruder has many advantages, and Indonesian customers are also very satisfied. To maximize their resources in future production, we recommend several more suitable models according to their needs.

Model of snack food extruder:

Power (kw) 70 105 205
Output (kg / h) 100-150 200-260 400-500
Size (mm) 17000 * 1300 * 2200 20000 * 1500 * 2200 30000 * 1500 * 2600
Automatic Full-automatic
Materials Stainless steel


After our introduction, Indonesian customers have a deep understanding of our snack food extruder. They immediately decided to cooperate with us to order 8 snack food extruders and expressed great interest in our pet food extruder, snack extruder, and sandwich food extruder. We hope to have a more comprehensive understanding, and we are very happy to tell them more about our products.

As a professional snack food extruder production company, we enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Our equipment is not necessarily the lowest price. It must be the most cost-effective, because our equipment, whether it is materials or accessories, is the most high-quality, just to give customers the best user experience. We hope our customers can harvest more in the future Broad market and profit!