How to do the daily maintenance of puffed snack food equipment?

Puffed snack food equipment can also be called puffed food extrusion machine, leisure food manufacturing machine, snack production machine. It has high automation, low investment, active income, safety, and environmental protection. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to start businesses and use them in a stable period.

The raw materials of puffed food are widely used, crisp in taste, various in varieties, changeable in taste and shape, easy to carry and eat, deeply loved by people, and have huge market potential.

To extend the service life of the equipment, save the company’s use cost, and avoid the occurrence of production accidents, the operators should often maintain the equipment:

  1. Keep the puffer, auxiliary equipment, and the surrounding environment clean and sanitary. After each shift of equipment operation, clean the inside and outside of the equipment. Especially, there shall be no residual materials in the expansion chamber, to avoid the agglomeration after cooling and difficult to clean. In summer, pay attention to the deterioration of high-temperature materials. In case of long-term shutdown or replacement of expanded materials, the materials in the expansion cavity shall also be cleaned to avoid caking, mildew, or cross-contamination between materials.
  2. The large pulley of the main shaft of the puffer shall be cleaned frequently without dust collection. Otherwise, the imbalance of the pulley will cause the vibration of the expansion chamber.
  3. The box bearing shall be filled with lubricating grease in time, and all lubricating grease shall be replaced once after 500 hours of operation. Before the operation of the new machine, a proper amount of grease should be added, and the oil should be changed after 200 hours of operation. Other bearing parts shall be regularly filled with lubricating grease.
  4. The steam conditioner’s chain drive mechanism shall be lubricated frequently, especially the bearing at the steam inlet end.
  5. The oil in the reducer shall be controlled on the calibrated oil level, and the oil shall be replaced after 250 hours of operation.
  6. Check the quality of the extrusion machine at any time, and pay attention to the replacement of vulnerable parts. It is strictly prohibited to use a hard, heavy hammer in the disassembly and assembly process of vulnerable parts such as a screw, screw sleeves, etc. It is strictly prohibited to place heavy objects or stand on the expansion cavity.
  7. The expanded raw materials shall be cleaned to prevent metal and other foreign matters from entering the machine and damaging the parts.
  8. Because the wearing parts near the outlet are relatively fast, and the wearing parts near the end of the inlet are less worn, when replacing the wearing parts, they should be replaced in turn from the outlet, instead of replacing multiple parts at one time.
  9. The tightness of the transmission triangle belt shall be checked once a month, and it shall be tightened in time in case of looseness.
  10. Check the working condition of the rotary cutting blade regularly. If it is worn, please replace it in time to avoid affecting the forming quality of the product.
  11. Pay attention to cleaning the circuit board, regularly clean the dust in the strong and weak electric boxes, keep the electric boxes dry and dry, and prevent moisture.
  12. The electrical wiring of the equipment shall be checked once a week, and all wiring shall be free of looseness, dust, etc. Check the insulation resistance (no more than 0.5 Ω) and grounding resistance (no more than 4 Ω) once a half year. After 20 days of operation, check the wear condition of thrust bearing in the distribution box. If the wear clearance of bearing is too large, please replace it in time.
  13. If the machine has not started for a long time, the mold, screw, and other parts will be coated with oil to prevent rust.