Introduction to Potato Chip Production Line

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the acceleration of economic globalization, China has become the world’s largest and most attractive market. The influx of foreign advanced products and technologies provides new development opportunities for China’s convenient food industry. With the development of the potato chip production line, it is very popular in the food processing plant and plays an important role.

Potato chip manufacturing equipment

This is the extrusion machine developed and manufactured by the Leader Microwave Equipment Company. This potato chip production line is the elite of potato chip processing products. It retains the advantages of the previous potato chip production line and adds new advantages and features. It is also designed according to the feedback of customers. Low cost, low energy consumption, multi-function, small size, high profit, and easy maintenance are its best functions.

Advantages of potato chip production line:
1. Simple operation, high return on investment, competitive price, and quality.
2. The gearbox of the potato chip production line has the function of automatic lubrication, which can extend the life of the gear.
3. Electronic parts used in Siemens’s brand control box ensure the perfect extrusion process.
4. Siemens’s main motor ensures its strong extrusion performance and excellent performance.
5. The potato chip-making equipment has the advantage of less investment, low energy consumption, small floor area, convenient operation, maintenance, etc.
6. The full-automatic assembly line is controlled by PLC, with a high degree of automation, high technical content, high output, high product quality, and high profit.
7. The whole potato chip production line includes a series of processes, such as cleaning and peeling, cutting, cleaning, sprinkling, rinsing, and dehydration, frying, degreasing, packaging, etc., from discharging to packaging.
8. The potato chip snack machine adopts the advanced extrusion technology with high efficiency, which has the advantages of continuous work, stable performance, reasonable design, long service life, etc.
9. In the production process, there is no pollution, clean and environmental protection, and the potato chip extrusion equipment can be customized according to the customer’s production capacity, processing technology, customer workshop distribution, etc.
10. The potato chip production line adopts the automatic slag removal system, which avoids the residue’s combustion and prolongs the service life of the edible oil. The automatic lifting device is adopted, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

Technical parameters of potato chip production line: 

Model DL-100 DL-200 DL-300 DL-400
Install the power supply 65kw 110kw 190kw 300kw
Consumed power 42kw 77kw 13kw 210kw
Output quantity 120-150kg/h 220-260kg/h 500-600kg/h 900-1000kg/h
Size 19000×1300×2200mm 22000×1300×2200mm 30000×1300×2500mm 38000×1300×3000mm

Our potato chip production equipment has many models to choose from. After use, we know that it is really a piece of excellent equipment. For the food processing plant, the investment cost is low, bringing very ideal economic benefits. It is very convenient to use and has a long service life. The products produced are also in line with the taste of consumers and have a high sales volume, promoting the development of the potato chip production line.

Potato chips

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